We, the principals of Evest are first and foremost entrepreneurs. Our strategy is to invest our financial resources along with our time and expertise. With decades of experience in the financial community and more specifically the equity markets, we bring to our investments a unique understanding and expertise in providing new and better technology platforms for securities trading and transaction processing. While we believe a good, carefully crafted and realistic strategy is the prerequisite for success, our day to day focus is on effective execution, compliance and optimal deployment of our team’s resources. We measure success in profits and in the building of strong and lasting foundations. Continued...

Evest Companies

  • Three Stamford Landing
  • 46 Southfield Avenue, 4th Floor
  • Stamford, CT 06902
  • Tel: 203-975-0333
  • Fax: 203-353-9898
  • Email:info@evestvp.com