executive level guidance and expertise

We are veteran investors, operators and experts in financial markets structure and operations, trade and transactions processing. In addition to providing executive level guidance and expertise, today, several of our Companies are world leaders in their expert fields of research, analysis of litigation economics, and pursuit of institutional investor recovery in connection with collective and class actions, litigations and settlements.


We have an in-depth understanding of the equity, interest rate, derivatives and foreign exchange markets and their operations across the spectrum of all market participants role in the investment, trading, execution, settlement chain and companies.


Our executive principals have provided many years of Chair and CEO leadership and Board membership, to both publicly traded and private companies— successfully serving and guiding the largest banks, institutional investors, hedge funds and companies worldwide.


We directly assist our Companies with providing executive level guidance and expertise internally and externally to leading institutions, seeking to make well informed research and expert based decisions, and navigate sensitive issues affecting their firms, relating to compliance, litigation exposure, litigation costs and economy, litigation settlement outlooks and other considerations. We leverage our significant connections to access interest holders on all sides.



We and our principals are majority investors in some of the world’s leading companies in the expert fields they service.  Our Companies represent under contract more than 1,000 largest banks, institutional investors and hedge funds worldwide.

An Award Winning And Fast Growing Company

Over the years, members of the EVEST team have been granted several patents in the field of transaction processing, transaction aggregation, execution analysis and trading related technologies and processes. Our Companies have been the recipients of many awards including being ranked #1 by both Fortune and Bloomberg’s small and fastest growing companies ranking systems.

Leading the way on many fronts, including ground breaking design and business execution across global order routing, exchange floor automation, trading technologies, litigation tracking and claims recovery systems, our principals have been responsible for real-time trade processing of tens of billions of dollars of daily transactions and analysis of hundreds of trillions of notional value transactions.

We bring unparalleled expertise and strategic guidance to help our Companies with difficult or competitive situations and compliance. We invest our time, experience, and money in achieving successful and results-based relationships with our own and our companies' customers, employees and partners.