The EVEST team is comprised of the industry leading professionals behind many of the financial industry's breakthroughs and successes. Executive-level financial and FinTech experts who, in addition to running successful industry-relevant businesses, are the braintrusts and inventors behind many of the financial industry's most influential patents and tools.


Our Team's Breakthroughs & Successes

Man signing business document, application, subscription form  or insurance papers with silver pen on wooden desk.


Public Companies our team has been involved with:

  • Started Trinitech
  • Started and sold NYFIX

Global Companies our team has been involved with:

  • EVEST Founders establish a company called EcoExpan LLC, an international investment firm focused on establishing agricultural and development projects across the globe. ('11)
  • Cofounders of EVEST become leaders of several other global organizations leading the industry on class action litigations and settlements and transactional counter parties for funds and aquisitions. ('13-21')


  • Trinitech listed on the American Stock Exchange ('93)
  • NYFIX Launches NYFIX Network ('97) and hits market cap of $1B
  • Formation of NYFIX Millennium L.L.C., a jointly owned Company by EVEST’s founders with seven of the world’s leading banks and brokerage firms. Including the likes of Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, SG, Leman Brother’s, Morgan Stanley and UBS. ('99



  • A patent is obtained for a touch panel keyboard. A key piece of technology that provided the base for the development of the innovative MobileBroker device still used by financial traders today. ('93)
  • Creation and launch of FIXTrader, a technological system that would later become the leading Order Management and Routing System on brokerage firm desks. ('98)
  • Launch of BreakWatch, a system for identifying internal trade breaks; TradeWatch, a trading desk position monitor; and a browser-based front end for both derivatives and equity order management and routing. ('99)
  • EVEST’s founders create a process for real time assessment of the quality of securities transactions— accomplished by intercepting order and execution communications between trader and broker. ('04)